Terrace Skylight


A Skylight can completely transform the entire look of your living space and easily turn it into something picturesque. A skylight also means more natural light, with an elegantly finished roof from inside of your living space. Marvel has had the privilege to install more than 1500 Skylights.

The following project has been a well-planned installation over the entire length of a residence right in the center, transferring diffused sunlight to the main living room which provides warmth, aeration, and a bright new feel. The given skyline consists of flat low iron laminated glass, with an imported white pigment mix chemical interlayer in percentage enough to cut the sun glare and allow optimum visual light. Each panel is structurally glazed to stainless steel structure located on the terrace slab.

Here the primary challenge was to prevent water leakage and provide sustainability in use under exposed conditions. To ensure that, the glasses have been coated with 'Clearshield' glass protection coat so that they provide an anti-dust/anti-stain surface, thereby reducing the task of periodic maintenance of glass panels. The panels have been structurally designed to sustain human live load over and above dead load, to allow the cleaner to walk comfortably on the panels while cleaning.

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