Residence Outhouse


Marvel Glass implemented Large sized sliding door panels using safety laminated glass and customized anodized aluminum window sections. The Usage of safety laminated glass offers functional qualities like transparency and impact resistance which help ensure sustainability in a product while alongside offering unprecedented features like safety, improved sound attenuation and energy efficiency. The project also ensures a smooth sliding function for the Glass panels with added safety in case someone mistakably walks into the glass panels. As the project is residential in nature, a state-of-the-art design using complex Glass Architecture by Marvel glass provided a fine aesthetic element to it. The complete project enhances the visual effect of the outhouse with the fulfillment of contemporary architecture demands.

The whole residence has been designed and installed with extra large bronze laminated mirrors that have replaced the wall partitions, and the false ceiling has been replaced by gypsum boards embedded with chipped glasses, in accordance of the entire décor of the residence. The project has enabled to provide a beautifying rustic outlook to the outhouse. The residence also boasts of a party area equipped with Jacuzzi and a swimming pool with primarily Glass in the backdrop.

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