Double Curved Glass Facade (Miraj)


Marvel Glass successfully undertook this prestigious project for the private residence of a Well-known Businessman who very specifically wanted an Iconic structure in his residence that is symbolic to an 'Eye' to the enchanting vision of the famous 'Shreenathji' Vaishnav Temple.

Marvel Glass designed a glass balcony façade in the form of Lotus petals wherein 4 such petals are created, one at each corner of the residence. Each petal is 40' in height and 30' in width. It was very challenging to design and produce multiple radius glass form to match the overhanging concrete shade, the most feasible solution to which was using double curved safety laminated glass supported on curved stainless-steel members, ensuring a smooth form looking like a "Lotus petal".

The given glasses have high optical clarity and are extraordinarily safe, with 100% shatter and splinter proof technology. The glasses have been designed as a structural support, replacing the need for heavy steel support. Further, the safety laminated glasses used for the project are engineered to resist deflection, thermal shock, delamination, tensile and compressive stresses, and any form of deformation for years of use. Laminated Glasses are custom made to suit each application and is UV stable, water resistant and tested for commercial performance under tough weather conditions.

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