Bend Glass for Revolving Doors

Pioneer of 100% indigenised automated revolving door

Revolving doors are the ideal solution for energy efficiency and convenience. The Revolving doors designed by Marvel are custom designed with precise detailing on safety aesthetics, maintenance, sustainability, comfort, and energy-efficient performance for any entrance need. High traffic destinations like hospitals, hotels and corporate houses are perfect examples to use this innovation. Cost efficiency is another criterion fulfilled and for that, every part/component manufacturing is indigenized.

At Marvel, we have created beautiful, functional revolving doors that fit seamlessly with modern glass facades and be a beautiful eye catcher in more traditional or classic designs.

The key features equipped in the Revolving Doors that are offered as/ or with Marvel are:

  • Manual or Automatic operation available
  • Single and Double direction
  • 3 or 4 Wings
  • Customizable Diameter and Door height
  • Equipped with Safety Laminated Curved Glass
  • Provision of the Locking system
  • Fire safety protection

The Other benefits that are offered by this Innovation are:

  • Provides protection from infiltration of the polluted Air outside.
  • Prevents Air loss and conserves energy
  • Allows a smooth and continuous passage to multiple visitors
  • Incorporates adequate safety measures
  • Single source supply and installation that makes the process Hassle-Free
  • All parts warranted for one year.

We are the first and only company to offer 100% indigenized revolving door in India. Understanding the value of the product for high traffic areas, we ensure every detailing with sustainability and negligible maintenance.

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