Glass for Customized Elevators

Glass for modern age elevators

Marvel Glass has been supplying customized Safety Laminated Glass for vision panels and Glass Doors.

In today’s world, Glass interiors have changed the world of elevators without any compromise on safety with the main product focus on functional customizations. Marvel Glass is one of the largest suppliers of flat and curved safety laminated glass for elevator companies all over India.

We have been supplying safety laminated glass to leading elevator companies pan India for more than 18 years. These glasses, also termed as Vision Panels are customized with a very high degree of process challenge. Higher aesthetics as well better protection in case of accidental impact are the main guiding parameters for customization of our glasses.

Made to drawing specifications for individual companies, following international standards and acute challenges in dimensional and functional tolerances, these glasses have changed the horizon of elevators in India.

Top multinational companies having manufacturing branch in India, are our principal customers.

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