Glass Canopy

Expertly crafted shelter with glass aesthetics

Unique, custom designed glass canopies help enhance and add a distinctive beauty with a better visibility to a construction project. Marvel Glass has innovated the use of Glass canopies that can also be custom built to your specification for domestic, commercial and retail applications such as schools or restaurants as well as walkways or waiting areas in commercial premises.

We design and fabricate Glass canopies with meticulous engineering and expert craftsmanship. We offer technical assistance at the estimating stage prior to approval by your Structural Engineers. We not only envision but also ensure that a project is correctly engineered, carefully detailed, accurately fabricated, and properly installed. Each Glass canopy is designed using flat laminated safety glass. Our careful engineering makes sure that the canopies meet all the parameters and requirements to address a safe, functional, aesthetic glass structure which can withstand wind and seismic loads and in clear with minimal steel support/use using laminated glass along with a functional color combination.

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