Glass Bridge with Safety Laminated Glass

Glass construction engineered with assured protection

Marvel Glass has gained a huge amount of experience of over 15 years in manufacturing and execution of custom-made glass floor bridges with very high impact resistance. The glass specifications have been modeled to take care of all the major external forces such as wind loading and the potential impacts.

Of all the projects that have been executed, the swaying glass bridge of 12' length with glass balusters over the Kanha national forest has been the most challenging and remarkable accomplishment we have made. Standing on a glass panel, 1500 feet above ground level overlooking a deep ravine valley is an experience beyond compare and we are one of them who can be trusted for achieving such a product standard. Just imagine the commitment of our installing team while laying the glasses at this height with no protection. We do not just take any challenge while we actually test the extent of a challenge actually.

The application has changed the dynamics of Glass Engineering considering the challenge it offers; while Marvel Glass has always accepted that challenge.

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