Glass Floor

Beautifies and enhances space with anti-skid glass flooring

A glass floor is an exciting and unique addition to any interior space. Glass floor detailing or construction includes safety laminated glass with anti-skid surface supported by a steel structure. This technology allows for light to flow into space below and can be easily integrated into any use of action to provide a spatial feel to commercial, domestic and retail buildings as well as opening office spaces, galleries, and atrium areas. For example, we executed on design and installation basis an extensive glass floor for a commercial property, wherein the floor tampers with ruthless public use, still the floor is exemplary to a unique project making something cosmetic added with functionality!

Marvel uses safety laminated Glasses with variable thickness to achieve extraordinary results for Glass flooring specimens. We also cater to direct bespoke details to match the client’s requirements. In conjunction with our unique Glass architectural innovation, we also provide hassle-free installation including metalwork and have completed numerous floor constructions over the past 20 years.

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