Flexible Swimming Pools, Pools lined with Glass Beads / Tiles

Representing 2 separate international companies ‘Marvel’ offers 2 new concepts in pool application. In one case a new concept for pool lining replacing conventional tiling with a pre-mix of cement with glass beads (clean and coloured beads) applied in 8mm thickness by skilled /trained masons, directly on finished plastered surface of a pool, any size any colour. No headache of fungus, water penetration, algae, easy cleaning and zero maintenance with stunning looks.

In the second product, ‘Marvel’ brings the concept of flexible pools for personal use at highly economical price with least headache in installing and maintaining of the pools.

Marvel also offers back painted glass tiles in reasonable large sizes eliminating the hassles with 1” x 1” mosaic tile use. Variable colours, shapes and finishes can be achieved, creating a new enhancing appearance pool. Our endeavour and market research prods us to define new solutions for swimming pool.

Designer Beadcrete Flexible Pool

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