Flat Laminated Safety Glass

100% shatter and splinter proof glass with high optical clarity

A type of Safety Glass, Flat Laminated Glass is a sandwich of two or more glasses bound together using cast-resin liquid chemical, mixed with bonding and cross-linking agents. It offers functional qualities of structural rigidity, transparency, and impact resistance which ensures sustainability expanding to a wide spectrum of new glass-based applications. We have tested and improved our Flat Laminated Glass technology since last 20 years to provide unmatched performance and quality.

Our flat laminated glass is equipped with the following features that provide you with exceptional functionality:

  • 100% shatter and splinter proof.
  • 100% UV insulated.
  • Monolithic after combining thickness of individual panels.
  • Offering high sound insulation, up to 33 dB and more in the audible frequency range.
  • Anti-bandit, burglar resistant.
  • Added, the given product can be enhanced to offer Structural rigidity to glass unit.
  • Bullet resistant glass, ballistic protection.
  • 100% protection to all surface coatings.

Flat Laminated glass has many tried and tested functionalities in cases where Architects and Clients require aesthetics of glass along with safety and sustainability. Some of those applications include:

  • New Age Vehicles including RVs and boats
  • Outdoor areas such as poolside patio tables
  • Skylights
  • Ground-level windows and doors
  • Commercial & Retail Displays
  • Outdoor structures with a risk of high winds
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