Glass Tiles for Pools

Custom size back-painted toughened glass tiles

Marvel manufactures and installs, custom sized back painted toughened glass tiles, both flat and curved in the minimum dimension of 12"x12", maximum up to 30"x18", as a result reducing the number of joints as compared to glass mosaic tiles (1"x1"). The paint adhesion is maintained in all conditions. One can design a free-flowing pattern using these glasses and make the pool look more interesting. This is a 100% bacteria and fungus free material and highly organic.

You may choose any of the 5000+ real colors and give a stunning look to the pool while adding aesthetics to the surrounding landscape.

On account of the larger area of individual tile compared to conventional glazed/mosaic tiles the bonding of these tiles to the pool wall and floor surface is much better and long lasting, not allowing debonding of tiles.

This innovation opens many vistas for pool designer in terms of the overall outlook for the pool.

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