Bend Glass Railing for Staircases

Smartly engineered glass railings with minimal metal fittings

At Marvel, we have been creating wide varieties of smartly engineered stunning glass railings that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. This architectural railing solution provides fall protection barrier without obstructing the view. We deliver both flat and curved glass railings with unique engineering solutions to specific design concepts like self-standing Glass and Spiral staircase only on the basis of detailed drawings, not requiring expensive templates.

Our liquid chemical lamination technology is particularly well suited to perform in case of exposed glass edge railings and also with respect to use of sealants in the glass to glass butt joints, whether exterior or interior.

We provide mild chamfered polished edge finish for all exposed glass edges, and hence although laminated, the glass carries a stunning edge finish.

We have in-house design facilities to design railings appropriate to customer taste and requirement with minimal metal fittings and maximum aesthetic without any compromise to functionality.

Together with glass for railing, we also custom design glass steps and risers apt to staircase details, permitting ample design flexibility to the project architect.

The railing is the nose of the interior sculpt and we at Marvel comprehend the same to optimum competence.

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