Suspended Glazing

Creates marvellous visual impact for complex large-scale projects

To achieve a clean, seamless Glass look, Suspended Glazing is a very significant option in Glass Architecture. Using Glass Architecture to develop Suspended Glazings have a very high visual impact and needs to be engineered to detail as Structural Glazings have specific design parameters according to any requirement. We employ the use of structural sealant and calculated sealant bytes reference to the wind and seismic load alongwith dead load suspended glass. There are many variations available with glass selection, performance, colored, thickness and size range including other factors that help you customize your project right up to minute details.

Marvel has successfully undertaken many projects with its expertise in sustainable structural glazing which can be both large or small, wherein curved or flat laminated glass is glazed to a compatible steel element. This technique allows seamless and continuous glass look from outside elevation cutting the view of intermediate support elements like wood or steel.

With Marvel Glass, you have the benefit of being offered the full service of consulting, engineering, procurement of special glass or fittings, manufacturing and installation.

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