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Marvel Glass provided a unique solution to a Commercial Infrastructure located in the city center. The project buildings elevation was styled with multi-colored extra clear (Low Iron) back painted glass, each panel structurally glazed to wall facia, ensuring a contemporary Art Deco to the project.

For the project, tall glass door entrances were designed for the shops, also supported by a glass curtain wall system that enabled a signature identity to each of the 17 shops. Marvel Glass employed the use of a flat laminated glass, which was glazed to a compatible steel element. This technique allowed a seamless and continuous glass look from outside elevation and cuts the view of intermediate support elements like wood or steel.

Even after years of use, none of the pastel colors have faded, enumerating the experience the expertise and detailing of Marvel Team, to provide appropriate back painting Quality. All colors being Polyurethane Acrylic base, look material without challenging the reflectivity of outer glass surface, as a result, back-painted Glass panels look like Glass, giving a class to building architecture.

Marvel has always catered to challenging complex Glass Architectural specimen with cost-effective and aesthetic solutions.

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