Glass Shell Gymnasium


The following Project has been observed as one of the finest works of Glass Architecture guided along with optimum Glass Engineering in India. Marvel Glass has very seamlessly provided an Award Winning solution for a Glass Shell Gymnasium at a Luxury Residence Apartments that sets itself as an Iconic structure. The project has been executed with curved and flat laminated glass suspended from mild steel ribs, an outer skin of a complete enclosure, in the form of a shell. For added safety, laminated glass floor has been provided to rest gym equipment, and as an actual glass floor inside the gym. The entire gym form is supported by a slab resting on a single column, on which a cyclic staircase is provided to access the gym.

Marvel has been responsible for the entire design and execution of the complete glass form, including the glass specifications, fixing details and glass divisions, ensuring adequate structural strength with respect to living load and wind load, heat protection through diffused sunlight from the roof, glass alignment in order to prevent any water leakage, air vent cut-outs for hot air release, adequate air circulation inside the enclosure and structurally sound glass floor to absorb dead load as well as jumping load.

You Can view more about the Award-winning work from Marvel at these sites that have featured the path-breaking innovations used by Marvel in the execution of the following project.


Client: Shree Balaji Wind Park
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