150 feet long glass skylight roof stretching the length of an elite residence, in Ahmedabad, India.

Glass safety, heat control, aesthetics, structural stability, glass maintenance, resistance to weather fluctuations and sustainability of glass in external conditions, and finally installing glasses with 100% prevention of any water leakage are the key parameters ensured by us while custom-designing every detail.

Using low-iron glass in optimum size, shape cut and laminated with imported white pigment interlayer, each panel being customized, structurally glazed on aluminium pipe sections in turn supported to the metal pergola members.

Sunlight is allowed to diffuse through these panels, while the heat glare is eliminated, in a manner in which the entire skylight acts like a natural light shade.

All glass pieces are given hydrophobic nano-coating for ease in maintenance.

The given project is a complete test in ‘Glass Engineering’.

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