Security Glass

Made to your defined extent of security, 100% anti-bandit glass

There has been an evident increase in the awareness about Security Glass with technological advancements. There are many technologies that have been deployed for the development of Security Glass. At Marvel Glass, two or more glasses are laminated (sandwiched) using modified resin chemical interlayer. Hardening and cross-linking agents are added to the chemical to ensure high impact resistance and strong bonding between the interlayer and the glass, while the liquid chemical cures into plasticized interlayer in ambient conditions, thus ensuring safety glass performance under all weather conditions. The liquid chemical is added with UV stabilizers, ensuring UV stability for a very long time. Also, compared to other solutions for Security Glass in the market, the innovation by Marvel Glass not only provides a better solution but also proves to be cost-friendly.

The above technology is one of the oldest and most time-tested in India, for more than 20 years now. Upon lamination, the combined glass unit becomes monolithic and is 100% shatter and splinter proof.

As a result, window glass when hit from outside, it takes ample time and effort to make a manhole, thus delaying and making it difficult any intrusion from outside and ensuring outstanding security to the user. The extent of security can be enhanced changing the glass combination details.

Kindly contact us to derive maximum security in your window glass, after apt optimization of glass specifications for the same.

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