Safety Laminated Glass/Burglar resistant glass

Marvel Glass manufactures high-end safety laminated glass - in both flat and curved applications. This product is vividly used across a variety of applications like Facades, Partitions, Safety windows, Glass floors, Glass domes, Glass railings etc.

Our Process:

Safety Glass is a sandwich of two or more glasses bonded together using our proprietary cast-resin liquid chemical, mixed with cross-linking agents. The lamination makes the glass a monolithic unit, giving high impact resistance and ductility.

Each safety lamination is customised to your requirement in terms of thickness, functionality enhancement (e.g. making more sound proof) as well as transparency. Safety glasses can also be laminated using pigmented chemicals giving coloured solutions for partitions.


Our unique technique provides unmatched performance, rigidity and quality. Our flat laminated glass is equipped with the following features that provide you with exceptional functionality:

  • 100% shatterproof.
  • 100% UV insulated.
  • Monolithic after combining thickness of individual panels.
  • Offering high sound insulation, up to 33 dB and more in the audible frequency range.
  • Anti-bandit, burglar resistant.
  • 100% protection to all surface coatings.
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