Curved Safety Laminated Glass

Marvel Glass pioneered the manufacturing of flat and curved safety laminated glass in India using customised cast resin interlayer...

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High security laminated glass

Marvel has extended the use of safety glass by offering high security glass for special applications. By using multiple lamination interlayers...

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Back Painted Glass or Coloured Glass

Marvel has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of Back Painted Glass for external Use. One face of glass is processed...

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Curved Glass

Using the curved form of glass, and it’s tensile / compressive strength after heating / annealing we design / implement an overall...

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Glass Installations

Further to custom manufacturing of architectural glass it is equally significant to engineer / execute installation of the same.

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Glass Maintenance

Our partners in UK, after years of research established this material branded ‘Clearshield’ coating, which makes the ...

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Swimming Pool Solutions in Glass

Representing 2 separate international companies ‘Marvel’ offers 2 new concepts in pool application. In one case a new concept ...

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Decklite roof insulation solution

DECKLITE is a special purpose product based on polymer modified cement mixed with EPS granules. An EPS distributed core works...

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Revolving Doors

‘Marvel’ Revolving doors are custom designed with precise detailing on safety aesthetics, maintenance, sustainability,comfort ...

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Glass Interiors

‘Marvel’ offers solution to any and every interior need, both with innovation and classy look compatible to interior design. Imported clear ...

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Membrane and Glass Roofs

A combination of textile (fabric) and glass, allows for a new dimension to light weight structures. Advantages include higher light transmission...

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