Penthouse - Safety Laminated Glass Interiors


Marvel provided feasible Glass Architectural solution for a private residence in Mumbai.

For the execution of the project, one face of a room was made of Glass Panels implemented using triple laminated glass. The room is designed to be adjacent of the swimming pool and hence, the glass panels when in use are partly immersed in the water of the swimming pool and have been engineered to resist any form of condensation on the glass surface that could curtail majestic view of the pool and adjoining cityscape. While swimming, one can merge with the party beats on one side and those on the party floor get a floating feel due to the common glass wall. As the project involved a High-Profile client in a flamboyant locality, it was essential to meet the design criteria at any cost.

The flat laminated glass by Marvel offers functional qualities of structural regularity, transparency, and impact resistance which ensures sustainability expanding to a wide spectrum of such new glass-based applications. We have tested and improved our Flat Laminated Glass technology since last 20 years to provide unmatched performance and quality which can be seen with the execution of such seamless Glass applications.

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