Glass Facade - The Grand Bhagwati


Marvel has provided a unique façade concept to TGB Surat, a sophisticated urban retreat which boasts fine dining and rich interior setting wherein light (both, natural during daytime and led backlight at night) shimmer through only the sharp etched lines of the reflective Back Painted panel. Back Painted, backlit glass panels have been structurally glazed over a span of 25,000 sq.ft., giving a grand sight to the main facade. Each glass panel is patterned, when aligned with adjacent panels the pattern lines continue the geometry. Backlit using LED strips, transformer controlled, the LED light shimmers only through the pattern lines, and not a hint of light filters through the opaque back painted area. The challenge after using pastel back painted color was in creating opacity in glass panel area minus the sharp pattern lines.

A Delightful harmony is created using multicolored glittering etched lines of the glass façade, drawing a message or an image befitting the occasion, well complemented by supporting sound effects which altogether form an act of sheer brilliance. The edifice dazzles as one of the infrastructural wonders of the fastest developing city of Asia!


Client: TGB, Surat
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