Hotel Architecture (Gold Beach Resort)


Marvel Glass recently associated with a very beautiful and modern piece of architecture of a Plush Hotel and contributed to the same with its advanced Glass engineering solutions providing all flushed glass windows with the outer wall facia, guaranteeing no penetration of rainwater. The project used Bronze safety laminated glass in order to cut out sun glare yet allowing optimum visual light, with as low as 0.62 solar heat gain coefficient.

The project also involves one of its kind swimming pool lined with tempered back painted glass panels in 4 shades of blue. A graphic pattern has been derived using the back painted glasses, of minimum 9"x9" and maximum 36"x18" individual panel size. The given glass tiles have been glazed to plastered concrete pool walls and floor while maintaining leakage proof joints between glass panels.

Due to the given panel size, the number of joints has been reduced while ensuring less maintenance, zero bacteria & fungi, and better longevity of glass tile adhesion to the wall surface.

The main lobby is connected with the pool through large sized, safety laminated glasses, glazed top/bottom, under optimum tensile stretch.

The project speaks for the highly advanced use of Glass Architecture deployed by Marvel Glass which is rarely observed in the Indian Sub-Continent market.

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