Glass Protection

Coating for protection against permanent stains, corrosion and smog on glass

Marvel Glass is one of the very few companies across India, providing 'Clearshield' coating on glass surfaces. Clearshield is manufactured by a UK based company, and protects glass from permanent stains caused by salts in water, carbon deposits, smog and other impurities. Due to its porous surface, glass is susceptible to corrosion, Clearshield provides significant protection to the glass surface to prevent corrosion and its resulting stains.

Depending on the application the protection lasts, for example for shower cubicles due to extensive salt content in water, the protective coating is extensively tested, and it lasts for at least 5 to 6 years, while for glasses exposed to external ambiance the clear shield coating effect lasts for at least 7 years.

This is a stepwise procedure involving suitable imported ingredients and skilled labor for application, possible both at the site and at the factory. We are the pioneer applicators for this product over last 6 years.

The given coating is done on the exposed surface of the glass, making it hydrophobic initially and thereafter repellant to any dust or other impurities. Although one may see water stains on shower cubicle glasses in use, on account of protective coating the stains can be easily removed by regular cleaner provided by the company. Here, the glass is protected from permanent stains or corrosion.

In the given product range there is a high-density Renovator, which can help to clean stains on coating surface as the well normal surface of the glass, which is otherwise almost impossible to remove. Clearshield is a must glass protection material considering our weather and use, and A Value for Money.

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