Glass Maintenance

Our partners in UK, after years of research established this material branded ‘Clearshield’ coating, which makes the glass surface hydrophobic and repellent to any smoke, smog, carbon / dust deposition on glass surface. It also protects glass from permanent damage due to water stains dried in sunlight and very difficult to remove by conventional materials / methods. This protection from any type of corrosion or permanent damage to glass surface lasts for 5-7 years for external use.

Especially, glasses in shower cubicles are highly vulnerable to water stain and salt deposition, compelling regular cleaning / maintenance on daily basis. After doing ‘clearshield’ coating irrespective of constant use without regular cleaning, the water stain can be easily removed reducing the risk of losing the glass or headache of daily cleaning.

Trained by parent company personels, ‘Marvel’ offers cleaning and coating of glasses both at site and at factory. A technology that takes care of your glass requirement even in use.

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