Curved Safety Laminated Glass

Marvel Glass first pioneered the manufacturing of flat and curved safety laminated glass in India using customised cast resin interlayer in 1995. The only company in India with time tested technology that has proved itself in all-weatherspanning the last 16 years. Our production conforms to the BS and ASI standard for manufacturing of flat and curved safety laminated glass. We are also the first company in India to apply for the Kite mark certification for laminated glass.

Marvel safety glass is custom made to suit each application and is UV stable, water resistant and tested for commercial performance under tough weather conditions. Further, our safety laminated glass products are engineered to function structurally as designed to resist deflection, thermal shock, delamination, tensile and compressive stresses and any for of deformation for years of use. Environmental friendly properties of heat and sound insulation while retaining high light transmission make it an ideal choice for architects.

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