Corporate office - Hindustan Unilever


Marvel Glass found an opportunity to contribute at the corporate office of the giant Hindustan Unilever in Mumbai with its Back Painted Curved Glass Technology seamlessly designed and cladded on huge concrete columns. The magnificent columns run from the ground floor up to the 4th floor. Each glass is half part of a hollow cylinder, and only since the glasses are made to precision with almost nil dimensional and radial tolerance, the column cladding was viable. Stainless Steel finish plates run over the glasses in a smaller circular periphery to give further aesthetics to the detailing.

In order to deal with inaccuracies occurring in the project, wood templates were used to balance out all the inaccuracies and achieve a complete cylindrical, as visible from the grandeur of the images. Almost around 100 curved back-painted glass panels were used in the entire project that was manufactured at our factory in Ahmedabad and were fitted at one shot, as we all know there is no scope of maneuvering bend glass radius once manufactured.

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