Back Painted Glass or Coloured Glass

Marvel has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of Back Painted Glass for external Use.

One face of glass is processed with Isocyanate free polyurethane acrylic based paint mixed with a modified hardener for solid bonding to the glass surface. Our back painted colours are 100% UV stable and subjected to accelerated weathering tests time and again for a check. Also, these back painted panels are tested for compatibility to suitable structural sealants.

Processed by both skilled manual spraying and roller coating machine. Marvel is the first glass company to use roller coating for large volume and higher coating consistency.

All performance criteria of our back painted glass are backed with laboratory testing and certifications.

The use of back painted glass in exterior façade ensures high aesthetics alongwith superior thermal performance making the product environmental friendly.

Marvel has successfully created the unique concept of back painted, back lit glass façade, a tricky concept but achieved unparalleled aesthetics.

Back painted glass has also been extensively used in interior cladding which provides for an interior look that is brighter, bigger and with multiple colour options. Ease to clean and maintain makes it an ideal choice for unlimited interior options.

Additional applications are for splashbacks in kitchen and shower units, allowing optimum hygiene.

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