About Us

Marvel Glass Pvt Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Mukund Deo and Shital Shah in Ahmedabad, India, and over the years has provided architectural glass solutions throughout the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Since its inception, the firm endeavoured with a focus on innovation in the use of glass and was instrumental in bringing a revolution in Glass Architecture in India. Marvel pioneered the use of safety laminated glass, both flat and bent, that opened a wide vista of glass applications unprecedented in India then; capsule elevators in glass, glass swimming pool floors, glass bridges, revolving doors, glass walkways for cars, glass furniture and many more uses of Glass flourished for the first time in India.

Today we are driven with the same focus as we continue our endeavour in glass engineering to enhance its use for striking aesthetics, unmatched ambience while sustaining environmental friendliness. We have introduced back painted glass cladding for both internal and external use, ushering new prospects in building dynamics. Our success in back lighting, back painted glass with LED lights has opened the industry to limitless opportunities in the versatile use of glass to further enhance build design.

We aim to create the right balance in durability, maintenance, looks and performance. Our designs typically incorporate the natural environment into architectural glass through engineering, tensile elements, color, texture and translucency.

In our continued efforts to lower the cost of glass maintenance while increasing its lifecycle, Marvel provides glass restoration and maintenance services that protect glass surfaces from water/cement scaling, dust, smog, industrial pollution and sealant leeching.

In the near future, we aim to create monumental glass structures that can stand for generations as landmarks in art deco architecture.

Call or write to us about what you may wish to achieve in your project, you will be surprised with what one can accomplish using glass and tensile elements in architecture.



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